Legendary Fish & Chips

2 pieces of golden battered hake and chunky chips served with fresh lemon & our homemade Tartar sauce 115

Grilled Dorado

topped with garlic, chilli, pineapple & mint salsa 160

Red Snapper whole

deboned fish, oven baked with herbs & lemon slices 150

Seared Tuna

rolled in sesame seeds served on Wasabi mash with a sweet chilli soya sauce reduction – Absolutely amazing !! 185

Grilled Baby Calamari

so very tender!! Peri peri or lemon garlic butter 135

Grilled Baby Calamari & Queen Prawns

Peri peri or lemon garlic butter 175

Queen Prawns

plump juicy prawns fried in either Peri peri or lemon garlic butter SQ

SandBar Platter for 2

whole Red Snapper, 6 plump Queen Prawns, half shell mussels in Thai sauce, baby calamari tubes … Spoil yourself!! SQ

Side Orders

Chips 25

Veggies 30

Salad 30

House Speciality Pork Ribs

individually cut for you, grilled and then cooked in our famous secret sauce die for!

400grams 150 or 600grams 185

Lamb Loin Chops

Thinly sliced chops grilled to perfection then drizzled with rosemary, thyme & garlic mint dressing served with a potato rosti & courgettes 165

Pork Fillet Schnitzel

with a herb & almond crust served on bed of cauliflower mash & steamed broccoli 135

600g T-bone Steak

grilled and basted to perfection served with your choice of golden chips, a crunchy side salad or steamed veg 170

Pepper Fillet

250g of tender fillet rolled in black pepper accompanied with garlic green beans 155


Pepper Sauce 30

Mushroom Sauce 30

Dijon Mushroom Sauce 30

Creamy Garlic Sauce 30

steak roll
fresh fish
queen prawns
mushroom sauce


200grams of prime minced beef served in toasted Panini Bun served with chunky fries

Classic Burger

Simple & delicious 105 or Classic with Cheese 115

Drakens Burger

melted cheddar cheese topped with our roasted jalapeño chilli sauce 115

SandBar Whopper

Bacon, avo, cheddar cheese topped with red onion marmalade 120

Mushroom & Feta Burger

Danish feta chunks smothered in our creamy mushroom sauce 120

Chicken Burger

Free range chicken breast with melted cheddar, grilled pineapple & mayo. 110


penne or fettuccine

Homemade Basil Pesto

No Chicken 95 With Chicken 120


my mom’s recipe and its delicious 115

SandBar Supreme

chicken breast, mushrooms, bell peppers in a light creamy sauce 125

Free Range Chicken

Feta, spinach and roasted peppers wrapped in chicken fillet and topped with a sage & mushroom sauce 135

Mozambique Style Peri Peri Chicken

(or Lemon & Herb)
Whole (1 KG ) 150 Half 100

Honey & Mustard Chicken Breasts

served with steamed broccoli – delicious! 120

Fragrant Curries

Thai Red Seafood Curry

fragrant coconut milk curry with prawns, calamari, mussels and fish
served with basmati Rice 160

SandBar Prawn Curry

prawns our delicious spicy sauce & sambals and all 145

Chicken & Prawn Curry

chicken breast and prawns in a fragrant not too hot sauce 130

Thai Green Curry

in a delicious coconut, ginger, garlic & coriander sauce
Veg 90 Chicken 105 Prawn 145

honey mustard chicken
seafood curry
fresh fish
sandbar rib special


Fresh Tuna Salad

freshly sliced seared tuna loin, served on a bed of fresh greens which are tossed in a creamy anchovy dressing, topped with cherry tomatoes, crispy green beans, red onions & a perfectly soft boiled egg – the real deal ! 120

Beach Salad

Avo, bacon, grilled chicken breast, feta & tomatoes, red onions & fresh green stuff! 110

Caesar Salad

Cos & frilly lettuce, crispy bacon bits, herb croutons, anchovy fillets, boiled egg & Italian parmesan shavings 90 with grilled chicken 110

Caprese Sandbar

Thick slices of Romano tomatoes topped with buffalo mozzarella drizzled with a mouth-watering basil garlic & chilli pesto 85


Just Desserts

Homemade Apple Crumble

with vanilla ice cream 59

Vanilla & Boabab

Fruit Liqueur infused Crème Brule 50

Lazy Sundae

Strawberries, chocolate brownies, caramel and vanilla ice cream 2 spoons please 59

Sticky Toffee Pudding

served with vanilla ice cream & cherry 🙂 50

Weekly Specials – excludes all holidays

TUESDAY Pensioners Lunch

30% OFF Mains Only


ALL DAY LONG – regret No Take Aways


6pm – 8pm – ALL YOU CAN EAT RIBS & CHIPS – (strictly no sharing and no take aways) 250