Aperol Spritzzz 70

Aperol topped with Pongracz bubbly and a splash of soda & orange zest

Pineapple Express 65

2 shots Tanqueray Gin, Martini Rosso, grilled pineapple puree, lime syrup and “foam”

Mind Eraser 80

2 shots Tanqueray gin, 1 shot of Caperitif Apperitif, topped up with delicious SWAAN Craft Tonic

Dry Martini 75

2 shots of Tanqueray OR Bombay Sapphire OR Inverroche Amber, dry vermouth &
green olive – Shaken or Stired!

Watermelon Slush 70

Frozen watermelon chunks blended with 2 shots white rum, 1 shot watermelon liqueur, Triple Sec & lime juice

Blue Steel 65

1 shot vodka, 1 shot Mainstay, lemonade, soda, dash of Blue Caracao

‘Dirty Knees’ Daiquiri 65

Fresh Strawberry pulp, 2 shots of white rum, lime juice

Adios Mother F*#ker 90

2 shots vodka, 1 shot gin, 1 shot white rum, 1 shot Blue Curacao, sour mix, topped up with Lemonade

Pina Colada 65

2 shots white rum, coconut cream fresh pineapple

Cosmopolitan 65

Vodka & Triple Sec fresh limes & cranberry juice

SandBar Iced Tea 70

0.5 shot vodka, 0.5 shot gin, 0.5 shot white rum, 0.5 shot tequila, 0.5 shot Triple Sec, 2 shots sweet & sour mixtopped up with Coke

Black Current Mojito 65

2 shots white rum, 1 shot blackcurrent cordial, lime, mint, sugar

Scorpion Caipirinha 75

1 shot Arbike Chipotle Chilli
infused vodka, 2 shots Brazillian
Cachaca rum, 1 shot sugar syrup and fresh lime juice, crushed ice

Margarita 65

1.5 shots Gold Tequila
1 Shot Countreau, 2 shots shots Lemon Juice

Gin Ginger 85

2 shots Bombay Sapphire, 1 shot 031 Naartjie & Rooibos Aperitif, ginger syrup, fresh ginger & lime, mint leaves topped up with soda

Zulu Caipirinha 65

2.5 shots Brazillian Cachaca (rum) 1 shot sugar syrup and fresh lime juice, topped with crushed ice

The Hot Mistress 70

1.5 shots Cointreau, 1 shot gin, Angostura bitters & lemonade

Bad Mommy Bellini 80

A blend of peach puree and Pongracz bubbly – Delisimo!!

Sexy Umdloti Beach 65

2 shots vodka, 0.5 shot vanilla syrup, pineapple juice

Espresso Martini 50

1 shot dark roast espresso, 1 shot Amarula, 1 shot Kalhua

Liquid Viagra 85

2 Shots Fire Ball Spice Liqueur, 1 shot Frangelico, shot of lemon juice topped up with Red Bull

Mojito 60

2 shots white rum, 1 shot fresh lime juice, 1 shot sugar syrup, mint leaves topped with soda

Who’s your Daddy 60

1 shot Malibu, 0.5 shot vodka, 0.5 shot white rum, lime, lemonade, passion fruit & Blue Caracao

Bloody Mary 70

2.5 shots vodka, 0.5 shot lemon juice, Worcester sauce, celery salt & pepper, tomato juice, tabasco, So good you will start all over again